Why should parents choose BADANAMU ESL for preschoolers?

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Learning English at home for preschool children is chosen by progressive parents for the convenience (learning anytime, anywhere, as well as being effective and cost-saving). Badanamu ESL home learning English application ensures that children are learning the right language and skills for their age and gradually improving their abilities.

For young children, learning on apps feel little or no pressure as it is  full of joy and excitement, because they like listening to music and playing games. Learning English apps with rich colors and funny details are always attractive to children. The dialogues, the stories and the songs are short and vivid, which will make children focus more on the communication of the characters. Therefore, they can approach foreign languages ​​comfortably and naturally. Gradually, foreign languages ​​are absorbed by children in a manner we did not expect.


English animation for children uses standard native language. The child's pronunciation will be more accurate and they can quickly understand foreigners in many different voices. Moreover, the acquisition of languages ​​through audiovisual methods is parallel to fun activities, which creates a natural language environment as in real life. That helps children remember automatically and gain flexibility in communication.

Why Badanamu ESL?

A verified brand

Many parents with young children have already seen, or happened to listen to Badanamu's music videos on YouTube. Launched in 2011, Badanamu with its adorable penguins has fascinated millions of children around the world. Nowadays, Badanamu is been present in 30 countries from England, France, USA to Korea, Singapore, China, Egypt and about 730 million views for more than 200 videos on YouTube have been seen.


Children, whether studying at school or at home, will learn everything by themselves as long as they have an emotional connection to a character. The charming, witty, and lively, characters from Badanamu Squad (Bada with  his lovely white fur; Jess, Curly, Pogo - a trio of cute, cool penguins, Mimi,  a cute pink woolen ball and Abby,  an affectionate and chubby friend) will definitely be an "ideal environment" for children to be motivated and  eager to learn English.

Many levels for different ages to develop a balance of essential skills: Listening - Speaking - Reading

Badanamu ESL is an English program with 5 levels, that has been  researched and compiled by a leading author group, to meet the tastes of children at each age. With 300 interactive lessons, Badanamu ESL actively supports the process of building up essential English vocabulary, by developing core pronunciation skills and improving reading comprehension for children.


Learning applications on the Badanamu ESL platform are classified according to the program and are suitable for parents to choose by the needs and development pathway of their children. For those who are completely new to English, Bada Rhyme will help them approach English through kindergarten rhyming. For children who already know English, Bada Genius, Bada Talk, Bada Sound and Bada Read will help children identify sight words to learn, read faster, supplement necessary vocabulary, build foundation skills and improve pronunciation to the level of native speakers.

Learning while playing

Badanamu’s ESL foundation is a world of catchy images and sounds for children to develop their skills and confidence in language learning. Children can learn through images and sounds as well as interactive games such as sorting, memory and hand-eye coordination. With the activities filled with fun and excitement, they are happy brainstorming, practicing and focusing their attention as well as absorbing knowledge naturally.

Integrating early education methods

Animated series "performed" by cartoon characters are beloved in Europe with the STEAM educational method (Science - Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) that enhances learning through emotional intelligence education by promoting creative thinking.


The topics that Badanamu ESL explores are central to the life of preschoolers, but they are still full of wonder and excitement. Whether it is a walk in the rain, showering or planting a garden, in Badanamu, ordinary things are always bursting with joy. Learning and playing exist in harmony. By participating in the story, children will learn important social, emotional and practical lessons such as: building positive relationships; listening, sharing, respecting others, working in groups and developing emotions through learning to be creative,children consider connections, problem solving and language improvement and communication. By promoting curiosity, children become more knowledgeable and understanding of the world.

Study anytime and anywhere

The curriculum of Badanamu ESL is suitable for children of kindergarten age to study at school with friends and teachers; after school programs for additional skill classes or extracurricular activities; and it is perfectly designed for children to reinforce what they have learned at home.

Badanamu ESL supports full home study with lesson plans and guidance. The integrated dashboard shows the progress and recommendations of the learners as well as the function to help parents understand the playing time of their child, through the filtering function of favorite content of each child and the family. Parents do not need to prepare materials, children can learn languages ​​effectively and enjoy Badanamu ESL.

Source: KidsLoop VN