3 years of learning comprehensive english at home for young learners

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By building a professional English learning pathway with 5 levels corresponding to three years of study, Badanamu ESL is an immaculate English learning application that helps children not only maximize their language skills but also open the door to the fascinating world of nature, science, technology, engineering, math, and build on emotional intelligence.

Mr. David Roberts, Calm Island CEO, Badanamu creative and developing educational products said: "I have seen the attraction of animation for children, emotional attachment is the  magic, the soup for children, whether studying at school or at home, as long as they have a certain emotional connection to a character, they will learn everything by themselves "Early education is not a burden but an emotional attachment and a joy of discovery."


Badanamu squad with charm, wit, breaking, lively, lovely from characters (Bada with lovely, friendly white fur; Jess, Curly, Pogo - cute trio of penguins, Mimi is a cute pink woolen ball, Abby is a white and affectionate owl) will bring happy, colorful and joyful moments to help children learn communication easily through graphics, excellent sounds in many forms: stories, music, games ...

5 stages of learning language in children - 5 corresponding levels of learning from Badanamu ESL

Language in children develops sequentially, from low to high, the later stage of development can only be reached and is established when the child has gone through the previous stage.


Stage 1: This is a period of "silent absorption", you need attract the attention of children in listening comprehension activities, repetitive and describe the meaning of words by gestures, actions and picture.

Stage 2: Stage 2 is a positive stage for children to acquire learning materials and build vocabulary. Children have the ability to use English with simple words and phrases that are easy to pronounce.

Stage 3: Stage 3 is a curious period for children to begin to ask simple questions based on what they see, hear and understand. With good listening skills, children can use short, simple sentence structures.

Stage 4: Stage 4 is a transitional period in which children use more complex sentences to express thoughts and continue to ask questions to clarify what is learned. The children’s vocabulary continues to expand.

Stage 5: Stage 5 is an advanced stage for learners to be close to the native speaker level and continues to analyze and use the language independently.

Badanamu ESL's curriculum has been designed in 5 levels to best suit the stages of acquiring a second language and address all elements of literacy and comprehension of a child's language:


Bada Rhyme (Exposure to language): Access to English through kindergarten rhyming.

Bada Genius (Building foundation skills): Lessons and learning outcomes are mainly focused on speech and language skills, cognitive skills and fine motor skills. Build essential vocabulary with essential topics: Vocabulary, colors, numbers, shapes, pronunciation, natural subjects and nature.

Bada Talk (Vocabulary): use narrative stories to teach children topical vocabulary and phrases through contextual reading. This is the core vocabulary of the English course. The three main themes are play around the home, health and exercise, community and public health.

Bada Sound (Phonetic): is a comprehensive pronunciation program in English course. Throughout this program, children learn all of the common phonemes in the English language and audio / symbol associations.

Bada Read (reading fluency and comprehension): is the final program in the English course focused on building a solid basis in recognizing sight words (words with high frequency of occurrence and difficult to pronunciation by rhyming rules, or difficult to illustrate) helps children learn, read faster and better understand what they are learning and reading. By the end of the program, children learn 240 sight words and 280 other words.


The Badanamu ESL program provides a clear and comprehensive learning structure compared to other academic programs. In addition to the curriculum structure specifically designed for kindergarten age, comprehensive approach, curriculum based on the latest research on language teaching and learning, Badanamu ESL has a rich content system of songs, books, digital applications ... and absolutely no ads or links to introduce other sites.

With 300 interactive lessons, Badanamu ESL not only helps children to improve their knowledge, improve their vocabulary, but also brings the message of friendship, love, lessons about courage, wise behavior in life.... With the Premium package, children can experience more compelling songs, 52 episodes of the animated series incorporating STEAM educational methods (Science -  Technology,  Engineering, Arts, Math) promote learning - love - fun through emotional intelligence education and promote creative thinking, experience Badanamu Cadets and a library of textbooks children education exists.

Badanamu ESL is available on Google Play and iOS, ready for parents and children to experience the basic packages for free or register for the Advance and Premium packages.

Source: KidsLoop VN