Golden stage for children to learn the second language

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The younger the children, the more enthusiastic they are. They like to learn new languages, explore new worlds and new expressions. Having grasped the golden stage to teach children a second language after their mother tongue, more relaxed their language in later learning.


The fact is as we become older, the harder it is to learn a language. Children who are exposed to a language other than their mother tongue early can often speak fluently both their mother tongue and the new language.


Children's brains receive information as easily as a sponge soaks up water. One study found that from two to four years of age, the ability to absorb language in children is 100%, from ages four  to six years is 80%, from seven to eight years old is 70%, and from eight to twelve years old, it is 30 %. A new study conducted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) shows that children under ten  can easily absorb information and excel in the new language. After that age learning new skills in the second language becomes more difficult.

The preschool stage is an important time to help children absorb foreign languages ​​naturally. If learning a second language before the age of three is the first step for children to access English, from the age of three children should learn English as a second language in a methodical manner. Learning foreign languages ​​at this age will help children practice to pronounce accurately, memorize vocabulary, and build accurate English communication. This will be the foundation for developing the child's foreign language skills later.

How to stimulate the passion for learning English for children?

With preschool age children, parents do not put focus too seriously on learning a foreign language. The distinction between "learning to play" or studying seriously can make children feel bored, pressured and afraid of making mistakes. All of these make learning difficult.


The fact that children can learn a lot while playing, means that knowledge will also be better stored in their memory than what is merely "communicated" by teachers. Therefore, the role of parents at this stage is to support and guide their children to use the language tools necessary for children to play and receive language knowledge in a natural way.

Parents can apply the method of “learning by playing” and “playing by studying” to stimulate their foreign language learning. Teaching and learning through games, poetry, verse, song, animated films with 100% native English language. The most important fact is that the amount of knowledge and the length of a lesson depends on the age and interest of the child.

Based on psychology as well as the development of children at this age,  it is easy to lose concentration. One of the methods parents can apply to help is naturally cultivate a second language using an app to learn English with their children’s favorite cartoon characters. Children often idolize their favorite characters and can imitate their actions. The witty stories and funny characters in the animated movies are always in the minds of children. This is a most friendly "teacher" for English learning.

Learn English with the famous Badanamu Squad

With cute white Bada; lovely pink Mimi, Jess and Curly; Cool Pogo and affectionate white owl, Abby who all interact through the lessons, stories, and tunes helping children learn English.


Whether your child cannot speak or read or write, whether they know English or have never been exposed to English, Badanamu ESL with five levels of learning has an appropriate sequence and structure.

With 300 highly interactive, diverse topics, learning through Badanamu ESL, children will be able to choose the right content as their interests develop. Clear character pronunciation, a measured pace and natural intonation helps children learn basic English pronunciation. Based on scientific research regarding young children’s psychology, Badanamu ESL also integrates STEAM educational methods (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) stimulating learning and  emotional intelligence while  promoting creative thinking.

The Badanamu ESLTM program provides a clear and comprehensive learning structure compared to other academic programs. In addition to the curriculum structure specifically designed for the kindergarten age, the curriculum is based on the latest research on language teaching and learning, Badanamu ESL has a rich content system of songs, books and  digital applications with no ads or links to introduce other sites. These stimulate greater abilities within the child, helping them achieve better results when learning foreign languages ​​as well as later in life.

Through learning English, children will learn important social, emotional and practical lessons from Badanamu's lessons, stories and melodies such as: building positive relationships, listening, sharing, respecting others, working in groups and developing emotions, learning to be creative and promoting curiosity.

Source: KidsLoop VN