Effective tips for learning English for children from three years old. Environment is the key factor

11:52 pm

At the age of three, children need an English learning environment, where they can play with English rather than being crammed. Children from three years old are very sensitive to sound, memory and simulation ability very well. The way of teaching English for three year old children should be flexible and diverse to create interest in each child.

At age three, children have the greatest ability to acquire foreign languages, ​​not only English. Children can pick up sounds from a scene and memorize them, then wait until the same situation arises and the children will show what they have learned.


The education of young children should be full of joy and excitement, teaching English is no exception. For a three-year old child, he or she may still not know English and at first,he or she may stop at the level of watching and listening. Giving children the best environment, so they can decide for themselves what they need to learn and what they like.

Of course, while learning by playing, it must be ensured that the program is a quality product that provides the "standard" language for a solid foundation from the beginning. This is because at this age, children are easily influenced, and will form habits that meet their development.

There are many ways for children to learn English successfully, such as attending a foreign language center, listening to music, reading comics and watching cartoons that are engaging and are one of the ways that makes children receptive to knowledge. After reviewing it several times, children will unconsciously absorb the vocabulary, the pronunciation of native speakers, as well as increasing the ability to reflect. The English cartoon videos also make children excited even though they may not fully understand what is being said.

English animation for children who speak in the standard native language. The children’s pronunciation will thus be more accurate and can quickly understand foreigners speaking in many different accents. Pronunciation plays an extremely important role in the process of language development of children. If they have incorrect pronunciation, it is difficult to correct later. Practice listening to English with animated videos that helps children remember many simple sentence patterns, understand the context of saying a sentence, and learn how to respond quickly to the intonation of native speakers.

Badanamu ESL - the perfect "environment" to build English skills at home for your child.

Launched in 2011, Badanamu penguins are creative, lively, and lovable, mesmerizing millions of children around the world. Up to now, Badanamu has been present in 30 countries from England, France and USA to Korea, Singapore, China and Egypt with more than 730 million views of 200 videos on YouTube.

Bada with his friendly white fur; Jess, Curly, Pogo - a trio of cute, cool penguins, Mimi is like a funny pink wool roll, Abby is a white and cute owl friend who all bring fun and  help children learn English language communication easily through graphics, stories, music and games all through the Badanamu ESL application.


Badanamu ESL foundation is a world of catchy images and sounds for children to develop their skills and confidence in language learning. Children can learn through images, sounds, interactive games such as sorting, memory and hand eye coordination. With all the activities children are always happy practicing and absorb knowledge naturally.

With a thorough study of early education methods and language development in children and with the advice of leading language experts, Badanamu ESL has built a clear and comprehensive learning structure system. In addition to the curriculum structure specifically designed for kindergarten age, the curriculum is based on the latest research on language teaching and learning, Badanamu ESL has a rich content system of songs, books, digital applications  and no ads or links to introduce other sites.

The curriculum of Badanamu ESL has been designed in 5 levels to best suit the child's age, psychology, receptive ability: Bada Rhyme (Language exposure); Bada Genius (Building foundational skills); Bada Talk (Vocabulary); Bada Sound (Phonetic); Bada Read (Read fluently and understanding).


Badanamu ESL videos are familiar songs, melodies and lovely little stories on each topic, with English subtitles with a paced reading speed so that they can easily read along. From songs, stories with fast rhythms to slow rhythms, word games and word recognition,all help children not only practice listening, speaking and pronunciation, but also reading and learning a vocabulary for long term memorization.

The topics that Badanamu ESL explores are central to the life of preschoolers, but still full of wonder and excitement. By participating in the story, children will learn important social, emotional and practical lessons such as: building positive relationships, listening, sharing, respecting others, working in groups and developing emotions. Learning to be creative, through making connections, creative thinking, problem solving, language improvement and communication can all be experienced in Badanamu ESL.


Badanamu ESL is available on Google Play and iOS, ready for parents and children to experience the basic packages for free or register for the Advance and Premium packages.

Source: KidsLoop VN