Learning english under modern technology trends: various benefits, small costs

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There is no need for time-consuming journeys no traffic jams, free or at very little cost. These are the benefits when children learn English via the app. Monitoring children’s learning and process with a native voice is simple. The parent's task is to find out and choose for children the right application for their children's new language acquisition process to be effective.

Children can have a hard time focusing on English lessons. In contrast, children are not bored when watching TV. Even English cartoons for children are entertaining even though they cannot fully understand what the dialogue is about in the film. However, allowing children to access and use free technology devices makes it difficult for parents to monitor time and control content. Therefore, it is necessary to select programs to create a safe and worthwhile environment for children, as well as peace of mind for parents.

With English learning apps, parents can learn with their children anytime and anywhere. Building English skills for children becomes extremely simple and effective.

Application to learn English: Learn and play anytime, anywhere.

No application in the world teaches English successfully unless one  practices every day. Very few people succeed in learning English without regular attention. Every day spending 30 minutes to learn English will gradually become a habit and learning by the method of "English immersion" will be effective.


If parents don't have time to take their child to the English language center every day, or want their  child to learn English anytime at home as an alternative to regular entertainment, then this  English learning application is a perfect choice.

A song, a simple English lesson on YouTube or app, adults may hear but are not so able to memorize it, but children can easily sing along with the intonation of native speakers. Movies and songs from favorite cartoon characters not only entertain children, they can also "absorb" new words and learn how to pronounce like native speakers. Gradually, foreign languages ​​become absorbed and learnt.

For children under ten years old who are playful, it can be  difficult to focus them on learning. The KidsLoop app is playing in a fun, comfortable environment with lots of vivid images and colors and learning applications. English stimulates curiosity and creates an enthusiasm in learning foreign languages. Having stimulated the joy of learning, children can take the initiative and confidently develop to their full potential.

With English learning applications, parents can also participate with their children in the learning process or with children playing characters in conversations and by studying and reviewing with their children.

Points parents should keep in mind when choosing applications for learning English for children

Content provider: This is an important factor when choosing an educational product, especially an application for learning English because exposing them to the real English language makes it easier for them to have a solid foundation for self-study later. In order to make sure the content on the app is appropriate for young children, parents should choose a developer or a trusted brand. Well-known brands will not provide content or advertisements that are not suitable for children or adults.


Diverse and attractive forms of learning English: The application of learning English is not just simple listening and reading but it is important to give children the  focus for  long-term learning. Applications with interesting content such as music, interactive games, memory skills, stories with familiar favorite cartoon characters, colorful graphics, vivid sound effects, will keep the attention of children, children can learn the alphabet, vocabulary, numbers, colors more naturally.

Supplementing knowledge, diversifying skills: Learning English at a younger age is far more effective. English is no longer taught in a simple and rigid way anymore. Instead, English has become a tool to transfer knowledge to other subjects such as Math and  Science and at the same time help children learn important social, emotional and practical lessons from lessons from the stories.

Select the application with level division: Each child will have a completely different pace of development. Learning applications should be classified according to the program and classified into corresponding application groups so parents may choose according to the needs and developmental path of their child. The aim is to build foundation skills and improve pronunciation like native speakers.

Allow your child to try the app for a period

and observe their reactions. By monitoring a  child using the application, parents can see their interest in the topic they are learning,  and therefore evaluate the effectiveness of the application to decide whether to continue.

Parents should not miss Badanamu ESL, the home English learning application for preschool children, loved by millions of children. Cute white Bada, lovely pink Mimi, Jess, Curly, Cool Pogo, and affectionate white owl Abby, all come with interactive lessons, stories and great tunes that will help children learn English.

Badanamu is a product of Calm Island, a prestigious educational technology company that is present in 30 countries from England, France, USA to Korea, Singapore, China and Egypt and has more than 200 videos with over 730 million views on YouTube.

Whether your child can or cannot  speak or read or write, whether they know English or have never been exposed to English, Badanamu ESL with five levels of learning will have content and teaching programs to suit their need.

With 300 highly interactive, diverse topics, learning and playing in Badanamu ESL, children will be able to choose the right content. Clear pronunciation, an ordered  pace, and natural intonation help children learn basic English pronunciation. Based on scientific research on young psychology and early education, Badanamu ESL also integrates STEAM educational methods (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts Math) that promotes learning through play.


Through learning English, children will learn important social, emotional and practical lessons from Badanamu's lessons, stories and melodies such as: building positive relationships; listening, sharing, respecting others, working in groups and developing emotions; learning to be creative; making connections, and problem solving.

Badanamu ESL integrates a timer, a child lock, and regular updates to help children access a safe and healthy entertainment environment. The fee is not high and those interested can experience it through a  trial, This is  prestigious English learning software that many parents in the world choose to build English skills for their children right from their early years.

Source: KidsLoop VN